Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Update before round 6

Hello fans! Sorry about the lack of news on the blog yesterday, you would think with 4 hours per round to kill you would have ample time to blog, but its amazing how quick it goes. The official website for the tournament, is doing a great job of posting results after the rounds have concluded. I recommend checking the site for updates on team score and individual standings.

I was able to obtain media credentials (hey I am a web journalist) and can roam in the tournament room with the officials. Super Genius!

Here is a quick update:

Team - 1st our of 15 teams, the next team is 5 points behind us. We have 16.5 points. Our magic number is 20 points. With that score, no other team can catch us.

Top individuals
Stephen Lacina 2nd place overall (still undefeated with 4 wins and 1 draw)
Brampton Bridgman 5th
Josiah Moore 9th
Josiah Weeks 12th
Tim Chester 19th
Mathew Howe 24th

We occupy board 2, 3, 4, and 5 this next round!

Team - 4th out of 25 teams

William Gentry 11th overall. His is still undefeated with 3 wins and 2 draws

Team - 5th out of 30 teams. (not bad after starting in 17th)
we have a great chance to move up this round

Alexander Moore 13th

7th out of 36 teams, tough 5th round but we have a great chance to move up in the 6th round

Tommy Palmer 22nd

Rounds today are 9am and 2 pm. Awards are at 7pm.

remember check for the latest standings. Click on pairings/standings and then check k12 unrated, k9 unrated, k6 unrated, k3 unrated. Wish us luck!

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