Friday, April 3, 2009

Second Round Results

It's 11:17 pm and the last round just finished up. You can thank Grace Chester for this late update, here game went for 3 hours 50 minutes! Alexander Moores went for 3hours 25 minutes.

Here are the results:

Timothy Weeks 1.5
Josh Swindler 0
Micheal Cross 0
Joseph Bridgman 1
Grace Chester .5
Alexander Moore 2

team score 5/8. A nice improvement which we can build on tomorrow.

Elizabeth Reasons 1
Brampton Bridgman 2
Stephen Lacina 2
Matthew Howe 2
Josiah Moore 2
Reid Schmidling 01
Cassity Nolan 0
Lake Sisk 1
Josiah Weeks 1
Keegan Owen 1
Hunter Rich 0
Timothy Chester 1

team score 8/8 We are in first place!

Ben Hart 1
Alexis Sisk 1
Mariah Smith 1
Jeremiah Bridgman 1.5
Lauren Elder 1.5
Tommy Palmer 2
Nathan Weeks 2

team score 7/8 We won't know our team standing until morning

Ian Smith 2
William Gentry 1.5
Sarah Weeks 0
Sarah Bridgman 0
Jack Weil 1
Collin Gentry .5
River Sisk 0

team score 5/8 We won't know our team standing until morning.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the chess players! Keep playing tough! I'm so impressed. It's also been fun to hear Reid tell stories about the chess inventions in the vendor area.
    - Candise & Crew

  2. Go Lauren Elder! We are rooting for you back here in St. Joe. Tell your dad hello!

    Kevin & Lori Snowden

  3. Way to go team! Wish I was there...We're all cheering for you. Can't wait to hear all the stories when you return to St. Joe!

    David Laws & Family

  4. Yeah gusy! We're very proud of all of you!
    The Matlacks