Saturday, February 28, 2009

How the rounds work

The High School team plays game/60, which means each side has 60 minutes to finish the game. so regardless they will be done with each round in 2 hours. they play a total of 4 rounds

The rest of the teams plays game/30 which means each side has 30 minutes to complete their game. They play a total of 6 rounds.

I will try to have places for the top individuals after round 3.

In the High school division, the top 8 teams and the top 8 players per board receive awards.
In the other divisions the top 4 teams in each section receive awards and the top 8 players receive awards

awards = plaques or trophies, not sure yet.


  1. Winners in second round?

  2. I think the awards should be buckets of taffy...but that's just me?

  3. We're watching from here - GO TEAM GO!